Alcohol Beverage Licenses in Five Points

ABL In Five Points, Columbia, SC

ABL attorneysColumbia is the capital of South Carolina, and as such, a center for commerce. You’ll find high-end stores, amazing restaurants, bars, etc. to fill Five Points, the Vista, and more. What makes these places so special is that they’re so close to the University of South Carolina. What detracts from Five Points (especially) is the gang violence and underage drinking.

Because of all of the good aspects, it’s still an attractive area to open up a bar or restaurant since these areas are the center for Columbia nightlife, but because of the criminal aspects, it may be more difficult to get your alcohol beverage license (ABL).

What To Know Re: ABL

The laws surrounding ABL are complex. The process can be grueling and cost you and your business money. If you break any law or even exceed the limits, your license could be revoked. If you serve an underage person (even by accident) your license could be revoked. This is why hiring a SC  ABL License Defense Attorney is of the utmost importance.

ABL Violations

  • Selling liquor after the limited hours;
  • Selling alcohol to minors;
  • Exceeding your ABL limits;
  • Sending in a bad check to SCDOR;
  • Selling alcohol to a non-member of a private club;
  • Selling liquor on a Sunday without your Sunday liquor license;


If you or an employee of yours violates the terms of your ABL (even accidentally) getting your ABL  license reinstated is pretty difficult. You could face punishments and fines, and while waiting on your reinstatement, the lack of your ABL License could ruin your business. We get the complex ABL laws, and want to help you.

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